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Welcome to the Live Escape Game world

First LIVE ESCAPE GAME in France with Asian touch’.

The “Biggest” Live Real Room Escape in Lyon! We propose 4 multi-parts rooms spread over 350 square meters. All of those integrate automated devices and/or amazing and sophisticated mechanisms. OMESCAPE, this is already more than 1 Million players all over the world.
Real Live Escape Game is the latest trend of real-life social involvement game where all becomes reality. A team of players is physically trapped in a room for an hour, and they need to escape by exploiting their surroundings.
The concept originates from “Online Escape Games – Point ‘n’ Click”. But instead of pointing your mouse and clicking on the screen, you will need to use your senses and interact with the environment. Japanese had the idea to transpose into a real experience… So, born and deployed in Asia, the concept gradually moved along Europe and France, where its number of followers has not ceased to increase.
Today, Lyon, second city of France, deemed to be “a mysterious place that cultivates its riddles”… has adopted the phenomenon, offering you an amazing experience of “Live Escape Game” worthy successor to its Asian creators.
So, come and become actor of a unique experience and live the adventure differently…

Where the majority of the “Live Escape Game”, offers to escape out of a single piece and unlock several padlocks, OMESCAPE Lyon, offers a real adventure, through several puzzles, whose resolution will allow you to activate the mechanisms that will lead you towards the exit.

Only one thing is immutable, Time, 60 minutes and not a second more…

Our rooms are created by “Master Designers” in the pure Asian style, cradle of «LIVE ESCAPE GAME