Q : How do I get started?

A: Ready to play? Go to our “BOOK NOW” page, and select he room, number of players and at last the schedule! Pay online by credit card with our secure platform and show up on time (15 minutes before)! You don’t need to bring anything except for your brain and energy!


Q : What happens if I cannot escape?

A: If unfortunately you failed to escape within an hour… We will keep you close to us definitively☹. No don’t worry, for safety consideration, each of our game rooms is equipped with cameras and microphones. For urgent matter, if you do not feel comfortable, it is always possible to go back and one member of the team will receive you smoothly. Anyway security devices (green/red boxes) are also installed to disconnect mechanisms in case of emergency


Q : May I ask for help if I am stuck?

A: Yes, we know that our Games are difficult enough even if you are aware about. The Game Master has the power to decide if he can be indulgent. He knows the timeframe of the game and he will manage your progression accordingly. Anyway, if you really want help it will be possible! The number of clues will influence the “High scores” and your position in the “Wall of Fame”. So be careful!!!


Q : What if the games are too easy for me?

A: Muhahahahahaha. Honestly, we will recognize your supremacy and you will be glorified to our “Wall of Fame” and through our Social Network pages. Also we will invite you to test our newest Games. (Yes, we will have new features!)


Q : What is the appropriate age for the game?

A: Minimum 11-12 years old with an adult and above 14 otherwise.


Q : I only have 3 people in my group, but the lower limit of the room is 4 people. Will I be playing with people I do not know?

A: Real Room Escape Game is a quick and easy way to meet new people (especially for your bachelors out there!). If you prefer to only play with your friends, it is your own responsibility and you must consider that the adventure will be more difficult. Effectively, the number of players has been defined according to playability/difficulty. So, we recommend contacting us for more details and booking…


Q : Is it possible to customize the rooms for a birthday party/proposal/wedding/school-visit/team-building event?

A. Of course! You ask and we will try our best to deliver. OMESCAPE has conducted over 500 personal/commercial sessions over the last two years all over the world. Since Omescape opening (October), several companies, birthday, EVMJF/G have tried the adventure. Please contact us (contact@omescape.fr) for a proposal.


Q : I changed my mind and I don’t want to come to the cool, awesome, amazing experience at OMESCAPE. How can I cancel the tickets?

A: Unfortunately you can’t. All sales are final. Once the booking is confirmed, refunds or cancellations are not accepted. If you want to reschedule your booking, or in case of force majeure, call us at +33 (0)472 157 119 or email (contact@omescape.fr) us up to 5 days before the start time.