Gift Vouchers

Please your family and friends by offering to them a gift voucher!


How to proceed?

– Choose your gift voucher according to number of players and timetables (Off-Peak/Peak Times)
– Click the button “Select”
– As soon as you paid, you receive the gift voucher that you can print and join to your personal card.
– So, the owner of the gift voucher through our web site can use it and book a room.
– If the total amount of the booking session is lower than the value of the gift voucher, the owner can keep the difference for future bookings. In this specific case, you will not have to use the gift voucher, once connected to our website and booking platform all will be managed automatically.
– Type your code written on Gift Voucher
– Click the button “Next”
– Select number of Players, The Room and the schedule
– Fill the form with all personal details
– Click the button “Confirmation and Payment”