Our Live Rooms

All members of the Team must arrive 15 minutes before starting the adventure for a short briefing. You will receive all recommendations and goals which are key factors for a “success story”.
Consider that you will share 1h30 on site (A quarter for short introduction and recommendations, One hour for the game and another quarter for a cool debriefing with a soft drink offers by OMESCAPE Lyon. Of course we will immortalise this event with a photo!



Le Laboratoire du docteur Viper


Difficulty: ΩΩΩΩ

Number of players (recommended): 4-7

Introduction: In his secret underground lab hidden in the sewage system of the city, Doctor Viper finalises the development of a new neurotoxin, which could cause great harm to the residents of the city. Your task, as Secret Agents, is to enter the sewage system, locate the laboratory and save a sample of the virus to find a cure to the neurotoxin.

Specificities: suppleness could help.

Skills: Observation, Arithmetic basics, Clever and Team spirit.

Best Time: 38 minutes and 40 seconds.

Le Joker


Difficulty : ΩΩΩΩΩ

Number of players (recommended): 5-7

Introduction : The Joker was once the pride of his circus, but after troubles started, he left and locked himself away in a mysterious asylum created by him and his Doctor. It became his Paradise, slowly magnifying his insanity. One day, The Joker decided to leave the asylum to plan his revenge. Before his Doctor could leave a Diary with The Joker’s secrets, he vanished. Now, you are tasked with unravelling The Mystery before the Joker finds you.

Specificities: Your team will be split (hostages and Rescuers)

Skills: Observation, communication and team spirit.

Best Time: 43 minutes and 55 seconds.

Le Royaume des Chats

Difficulty : ΩΩΩ

Number of players (recommended): 3-6
Introduction : Bienvenue au Royaume des Chats. Le Souverain, Austin Schrödinger, organise le tournoi annuel qui révèlera le chat le plus sage du royaume. Vous allez être accidentellement transporté au cœur du tournoi. Selon la loi en vigueur les participants doivent accomplir l’ensemble des épreuves s’ils ne veulent pas se retrouver prisonniers du temps. Si vous acceptez le challenge vous devrez faire preuve d’ingéniosité, résoudre des énigmes et autres puzzles, afin de progresser dans le tournoi et remporter le trophée, pour pouvoir sortir du Royaume.

Specificities: Wonderland, adapted for families. It solicits all senses. So, take care and do no suffer of vertigo there…

Skills: Observation, communication, Geometry basics and Team spirit.

Best Time: 46 minutes and 35 seconds.



Le Prisonnier

Difficulty : ΩΩΩΩ

Number of players (recommended): 5-8

Introduction : One of the most infamous serial killers in American history, Richard Ramirez, AKA the “Night Stalker,” was reported dead of natural causes last year. According to rumors, another prisoner had discovered a mysterious machine in the cell of “Night Stalker”, and he then disappeared a few days later. You wake up one day, and find yourself locked in a cramped cell. You are cold and alone. Silence surrounds you. Suddenly, you realize this is the mysterious cell where the “Night Stalker” died. You heart is pounding. No matter if this is a game, you know your only goal is to escape.

Specificities: Suppleness in some.

Skills: Observation, communication, and Team spirit.

Best Time: 44 minutes and 38 seconds.



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